Hey Everyone!!! 

Before I go into the All About Me section, I just want to give a shoutout to my friends, my family and my faith for giving me all the tools and encouragement to do what I have only dreamt about doing since I was 18.  I have been a hobby photographer for so long that to take the leap to professional was incredibly scary and full of what if's... but I did it with the encouragement from the people I love.  No matter what happens in life or where it takes you, I will forever be blessed to have been the in the presence of such amazingly awesome people!! !


Okay enough gushy stuff, here a couple of tidbits about me: 

Momma to 3 crazy adorable kids - I might be biased  * Every day that my husband does dishes I fall more in love with him - its my least favorite chore * My 2 best friends are named Sara, whose name isn't Sara by the way!?! LOL  * I am deeply rooted in family, friends and my faith. * I have a weird love affair with bad - but cant turn away - reality tv shows. * Im addicted to instagram and taking selfies * I think I can DIY until I get started and realize that I really cant * My house is my constant DIY's In Progress * I love to dance and embarrass my teenage daughter * Pinterest is my favorite thing to do while hubby watches sports * Im big into reading, I try to read a new book every week.  


But most of all I love to document my life in pictures.  I am always taking photos of my kids or family whether its on my phone or with my camera Im constantly documenting the lil things.  I want nothing more than to continue to get better at what I do.  I have these incredible dreams and ideas that I cant wait to make realities.  


Im only just getting started and I cant wait to see where it takes me each and every day!!!